I got covid and that shit messed up so many plans i had. I didn't get to film some stuff in Dallas, i couldn't get more models shot in the new gear, i didn't really advertise this drop because i was too sick and lazy to care about any social media. I really just sat inside and watched my kdrama ("25 21" fire as fuck) and did absolutely nothing. Today, July 28th, i am negative so I'm scrambling everything i need for the drop together and well see what everyone wants to do. Drop tomorrow or wait another week to promote it properly. Its so hard with these drops to be so organized and consistent since everything is up to me to do/finish. Not to complain, its just a lot of work for one person. Not many people realize how much it takes, they just see website, shirts, and photos. They don't typically understand the money, planning, traveling, shooting, preparing, organizing, paying, inventory, etc. that goes behind everything. Excited to finally have these hats out, and the shirts too. I'm finding myself enjoying more simpler designs i can wear everyday instead of the typical flashy in ur face graphics. If i don't wear it i wont make it. Kinda how I'm moving the brand around. If i wouldn't pay for it, or wear something similar, then I'm not gonna do it. Hope everyone enjoys these hats as much as i do. I tested a sample for 4 months as my single most used hat before getting them made. Still my go to hat. Thanks for the patience and love, im excited to get back to work. kisses always - UI

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