March 4th 2022

This was a crazy month to say the least. I lost my baby brother on the 4th and it still feels surreal to this day. I never thought id lose him, let alone the way we did. He committed suicide and unfortunately is no longer here anymore to be next to me. It has been so difficult trying not to fall in to a deep depression, but i remind myself that its not something he'd want.  At the end of the day, our goal was to pop off and take care of our family and friends. I knew heed be excited for me seeing all the progress we made on the brand finally pay off. Of course, i wish this had never happened. Id give anything including the brand and all my hopes and dreams just to have him back here next to me. Overall, i realized that nothing in this life is guaranteed, time is what you make it, and we see things as we are. If I'm happy today, life will be beautiful. If I'm sad tomorrow, i probably wont have the same outlook on it. Its important to really focus on our mental and emotional health because all we have is ourselves and our thoughts at the end of the day. 

I will continue to live my life positively, spiritually, constantly improve in anyway I can to ensure my families safety and happiness, just as Alek would've done. I will make this brand a common name for people to look for. I will ensure assistance to anyone who seeks it with UI. I want this brand to be a platform for so many people to do good and project better in their life. My baby is resting and out his suffering and now i just have to do everything to guarantee the success of our lot. 

Thank you everyone for your endless support, it means more to me than some shirts and money. This is an opportunity for many to do better. I am forever in debt to you all for giving me the chance to work on my dreams. 

I got to show my brother the better side of me before he left. You guys made that possible for me and i couldn't thank everyone enough. 

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