New tabs

I added some new tabs to the site. So much is going on with the brand right now. I got my resellers permit, getting new garments and blanks, looking for an accountant, trying drop more YouTube vids too. UIMEDIA will have the behind the scenes and random bs I do on my "day to day". The main channel will have the skate clips and it'll be more strictly related to the brand. I want to have a channel i can just shit out whatever creative content I wanna make without any obligations if that makes sense lol. I want to show brands I like, stuff I'm working on, people I'm networking with etc. 

i want to use this website for like a one stop shop for all my projects and interests. I don't JUST want people to come and shop, maybe they don't like the new drop. I want to have entertainment throughout so it can be enjoyed, with or without purchases.


Thank you guys I'm so happy with this growth and interaction we've been getting. Love you guys always always always :) I'm blessed to be here. 

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