This is roughly what I'm up to on a weekly basis. either working on the brand with designs or samples or shoots or packing. If not that then ill be eating lmao cooking idk just random insight to my life with UI. I wanted to make YouTube videos since I was a kid like any other human lol but I never had shit to really record. All I did growing up was play games and then smoke weed. Now that I'm in a position to have what I think is a unique hobby, I kind of just want to share what its like. Its not very professional, its a lot of fun and fucking off and doing whatever I feel like and that's what really attracts me to doing this. The brand is all me and my decisions and if it doesn't work I just cross it off and start the next idea lol I plan on dropping a video per shirt drop per month so idk well see. My life is a whole lot of this and that but never much if that makes any sense. yuurd


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