Why I chose Kid Piss.


For 2021 I really struggled trying to get anything released. Everything was being done in house on a 4 head press I didn't really know how to use. A lot was going on in the world and even personally, it just didn't feel right to be forcing myself to make clothes and release when I didn't feel like making shit. I felt like I never sat and really thought about what I want to make UI or what I even wanted out of it, and that was really messing with my head. This is partially why I'm just a hoodie/crewneck brand because I was just trying to figure out: do I want to draw? do I want simple? do I want vulgar? do I want family friendly? As 2021 progressed I experienced a lot that helped me clean up what UI meant to me and now as we approach the end, I've created this entire theme in my head of what I want to form the brand into. Its a look, a feel, a certain tone I'm trying to set. Nothing too stand off ish, but still a subtle "Fuck You". I have to set the tone coming back, not just make another cash grab of a crewneck. (Which I enjoyed the crewnecks a lot but just didn't want them defining UI). I thought okay how funny would it be to see a kid pissing on the name, almost like don't take this serious. But I figured na, I want to be taken serious, so how about a kid, drinking beer, pissing, and UI covering his dick to add that irony of "its friendly enough". I felt like this was perfect for UI. This is what I wanted to embody. Its simple, its dumb, its funny, your parents will make comments on it, grandparents will side eye it, and its just overall fucking stupid. Who wants a kid, drinking beer, pissing, on a t-shirt. We do. 

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