End of the year

Its December and im so happy to know that weve been this consistent for one whole entire year. Its an accomplishment to me knowing that it was possible. something simple like being consistent has been a huge struggle for me in life. I find it difficult staying on task, refraining from being discouraged, and keeping momentum to continue working. I want to thank everyone that has been a part of my growth in UI thus far. I really didnt think i could do it but you guys prove to me that i can everyday. Engagement has been going crazy too. Seeing everyone's progress in skating, wearing UI, reaching out with such kind messages. Although i know it cant be forever, all ive gotten is love regarding Under Influenced. I'm excited to go bigger and better 2023. This year was a major struggle for me and im just happy to have the surroundings i have and team to support me in every  move i make. Without UI, i really would have fallen back to old habits. Forever grateful and always ready to spread more love to you. Thank you truly. See you soon <3
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