FOR THEM GOOD PEOPLE - Under Influenced



These shirts i got on sale from a local brand. "FOR THEM GOOD PEOPLE" (@forthemgoodpeople) is a brand i came across on Instagram and I've really enjoyed their shit since. Chris (@staygoodchris) ran a sale on some inventory online and i had ordered some shirts and a hoodie. He was super cool and gave me some wisdom to the game and the chat was very genuine. He's a busy man but the brand is held with very high standards for sure. I'm excited to buy some more. 

The tees have a nice collar that's a little more fitting than typical shirts but i enjoy that. Ensures your collars don't get all nasty as quick. They're heavier than regular shirts but i couldn't really call them heavyweight, really love the fit tho. 



I ordered a hoodie as well and its the independent 400 blank so its heavyweight and 10/10 quality. Industry standard. The print is cream with puff texture, its super simple but i fucking love it.
Truly a great brand i plan on supporting long term. Hoodie i think was $40-50 i dont remember. Worth tho

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